The Mohs Micrographic Surgery Technique

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Frederic Mohs developed a technique (known then as chemosurgery) for the microscopically controlled removal of skin cancers. Mohs Surgery is done under local anesthesia and rarely requires hospitalization. Mohs Micrographic Surgery requires highly specialized training and personnel, and is usually available only in larger cities. It is a time-consuming technique, but has a very high cure rate (99% of first-time skin cancers and 95%-97% of skin cancers that have come back). The cancer types that we treat with Mohs Surgery are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and other skin cancers.

Learn more about Mohs Surgery, including what the Mohs procedure is, see the Mohs step-by-step process, and get answers to the most-asked questions about the procedure, by visiting the American College of Mohs Surgery patient education website.

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